Lucia Mzungule Traditional Creative Shoot
Location: SnapThat HQ

Image by SnapThat™
Image Copyright of SnapThat™
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Welcome to a vibrant fusion of tradition and love. SnapThat is proud to present a captivating portfolio featuring the Lucia Mzungule Traditional Creative Shoot – an exquisite portrayal of culture, elegance, and the deep bond between two hearts. Join us as we showcase love wrapped in the stunning folds of Indian attire.

The Shoot

Location: SnapThat Studio HQ

Featuring: Lucia Mzungule and Partner

Attire: Traditional Indian

SnapThat: A Glimpse into Multicultural Love

  • A vivid display of a beautiful black couple as they rock Indian traditional clothing.
  • Each photograph tells a story of cultural harmony and the universal language of love.



What we did

Couples Shoot in Studio

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