Terms and Conditions Of Booking

  • The Provider – Snap That
  • The Customer – The person is booking Snap That for their event.

The following contract and its terms will set forth an agreement between the Provider and the Customer. This written contract sets forth both parties’ full, written intention and supersedes all other written and oral agreements between them.

General T&Cs

  • We are available to meet with the Client during our office hours 08h00 – 16h00, Monday to Friday. No meetings will be conducted on Saturdays or Sundays, or Public Holidays.
  • All bookings will only be confirmed once we receive our contract signed and received along with proof of payment. If no contract document is received, but a deposit is paid, we assume you have read our terms and forms and now agree to these terms.
  • SnapThat™ and employees at a function will not accept responsibility and will not be held liable for any loss, damage, or injury to persons or property, of the Client or associated with the Client due to negligence or any other cause whatsoever. While every precaution will be taken to ensure the safeguarding of your belongings, SnapThat™ will not be liable for loss, theft, or damage to any property whatsoever (décor, gifts, valuables, etc.).


  • An admin fee of R500 – non-refundable secures the event date, and the balance is required seven days before your event.
  • If your event is within a 30km radius of our office, there will be no traveling cost. Travel distances exceeding 30km to your event venue will be charged at R6 per additional kilometer.
  • All bookings must be paid in full before the event. A booking Fee as indicated on your quote applies to all bookings. Any extra hours must be paid for in cash on the day/night of the event or the next working day.
  • If SnapThat™ has to set up its equipment ahead of the scheduled set up time due to venue regulations or any other reason, we now reserve the right to charge the R350.00 per hour rate for the specified number of hours before the start of your event.
  • Please ensure that all outstanding/full amounts are paid in full prior to the day/night of the function. Should cash be your preferred payment method, please ensure this is given to the SnapThat™ manager before the event. SnapThat™ reserve the right to cancel your booking if any outstanding amounts are not paid in full before your booking date.
  • The Client is required to sign the acceptance form. Should this form not be signed, but services in any way are rendered by our staff, or any money is paid to our staff it is deemed that the Client agrees with these terms and conditions as here set, and a contract is binding as if the Client had physically signed the acceptance form.
  • The time over the period agreed, the additional time will be billed to the Customer at the following rates:
    • R 1000.00 per additional hour of use.
    • R 350.00 per hour Idle hours.
    • R 350.00 per hour for pre or site meetings.
    • After midnight hours are charged at R1200.00 per hour


  • We will arrive 45 minutes before the start time.
  • Bookings of 3 hours or longer – meals are to be provided for two staff members should the booking begin at or after 6 pm.
  • Should your venue be situated more than 80KM from Durban, we would require accommodation at the venue for both our staff.  Accommodation provided is to be of 3 stars or equivalent.


In the unlikely event that the Provider is unable to provide the service (including occasional maintenance time) of the agreed service time, depending on the conditions, we will stay for a longer time to compensate for the lost time.

  • Admin Fee – R500 non-refundable is required to book and secure a date. An invoice will be sent to you with our banking details.
  • Cancellation Fees are as follows:
  • If the function is posted or canceled, you, the Client, will be liable for a portion of the agreed fee as set out below (See Cancellation Terms below). SnapThat™ reserve the right to charge a Cancellation Fee as described below.
    • If a service is canceled 6 months or more before the confirmed function date, a 25% cancellation fee of the total account (as per the original Package Booked) is payable.
    • If a Service is canceled 5 months prior to the confirmed function date, 30% cancellation fee of the total account (as per the original Package Booked) is due and payable.
    • If a Service is canceled 4 months prior to the confirmed function date, 40% cancellation fee of the total account (as per the original Package Booked) is due and payable.
    • If a Service is canceled 3 months prior to the confirmed function date, 50% cancellation fee of the total account (as per the original Package Booked) is due and payable.
    • If a Service is canceled 2 months prior to the confirmed function date, 75% cancellation fee of the total account(as per the original Package Booked) is due and payable.
    • If a Service is canceled 1 month prior to the confirmed function date, 100% cancellation fee of the total account is payable (as per the original Package Booked)
    • The Client must confirm all changes and cancellations in writing, and all payments due to SnapThat™ are payable before any booking is considered canceled.
  • Dates & Venues are not transferable – a new Quotation & Booking Fee would be required to secure our services for a new venue or date.
  • All bookings are to be paid in full 7 days before your booking date.
  • In the unlikely event that our printer experiences technical difficulties, prints will be made within 72 working hours from your Wedding date.
  • No refunds will be made if they are load shedding, COVID or unscheduled electricity power cuts.

Loss or Damage to Provider’s Equipment:

  • The Customer assumes complete responsibility for any loss of or damage to the Provider’s equipment (other than fair wear and tear) caused by any misuse of the Customer, their employees, or their guests.
  • The Customer shall be responsible for any loss of or damage to the Provider’s equipment caused by Theft, Fire, Flood, Accidental Damage, or any other reasons. The Client may not claim non-rendering of services and will be held liable for the repair or replacement of such equipment.

Date Changes & Cancellations

  • Any request to alter the agreed date of the service must be made in writing and at least thirty (30) days before the Customer’s Event.
  • Any change of date is subject to the availability of the SnapThat™ on the alternative date and receipt of a new booking contract.


The Customer agrees to and understands the following:

  • The Customer will indemnify the Provider against all liability related to the Customer’s Event and use of the Provider’s equipment.
  • The Customer will indemnify the Provider against all liability associated with using any pictures taken at the Customer’s Event by the Provider or by its operatives, employees, or affiliates.
  • The Customer now gives SnapThat™ the right and permission to copyright and to reproduce or otherwise use any photographic images included in whole or in part, via any or all media now or hereafter known for illustration, art, promotion, advertising, trade, or for any other purpose.
  • In addition, the Customer with these releases, discharges and agrees to maintain SnapThat™ free from any liability arising out of the taking of said picture or any subsequent processing or publication thereof including, without limitation, any claims for libel or invasion of privacy.

Logo / Trademarks:

SnapThat™ logo will be shown as default at the bottom of all advertising material. SnapThat™ reserves the right to take footage (still photographs and/or video footage) of any function that we are involved in, be it directly or indirectly. SnapThat™ reserves the right to use such material for advertising purposes (Our website – https://snapthat.co.za & Social Media Pages).

Access & Power:

  • We will also require access to the venue 1 hour before the event.
  • The Customer is responsible for providing adequate power within 5m. We do not have a battery backup for the equipment, so please confirm with your venue that they do.

Raw Footage

  • We do not provide raw photos or video.

Termination of Hire/Abuse/Threatening Behavior:

SnapThat™ will not tolerate any abuse or threatening behavior to any of our staff or equipment. If this occurs, SnapThat™ retains the right to terminate the services immediately. This applies equally to you and your guests. SnapThat™ may terminate the service in cases where our staff feel the equipment belonging to SnapThat™ is in danger of being damaged or has been damaged due to the actions or unruly behavior of you or your guests. Wherever possible and reasonable to do so we will speak with you or the venue first to try to resolve the matter before any termination is enacted. If we do terminate, for any reason, the full cost of service will remain due, and we will not issue any refunds for any period of service not provided.

Please note that this is only a last resort; our staff will be required to explore all other available avenues before a decision is made to implement the clause. We are concerned about you, the Client, just as much as our staff.


The Client can collect the products from Westwood Mail or Our Office. Allow four weeks for the collection. We may require an additional week due to the printing of books or canvases.

Events beyond our Control:

The clients agree that some of our services, such as the photobooth, run on an 80% service and 20% maintenance module.

SnapThat™ cannot be held responsible for any circumstances that may prevent us from attending your event; these may include but are not limited to severe weather conditions, traffic delays, breakdown of our vehicles, sickness, or equipment failure. In the case that we cannot attend or fulfill your hire due to events beyond our control, we will contact you or the venue as soon as possible. In these instances, our liability will be limited to the refunding of all of the monies paid.

  • Our equipment is maintained to our standards and serviced as required. As with any electronic equipment, occasionally problems occur. Should a problem occur with the equipment, SnapThat™ will make the best attempt to replace or make do with this or other equipment. Should all attempts fail, we cannot be held liable for the failure of the function. Payment to that point will still need to be rendered.
  • Please Note that COVID, power failures, or scheduled Load Shedding procedures do not entitle the Client to claim non-rendering of services. Our staff is NOT responsible for electrical losses or load shedding at the respective venue.


What Your Photobooth Package Includes

  • Unlimited Photos.
  • Unlimited onsite, instant prints
  • An Assortment of Complementary Amusing Props. Due to Covid, this may be limited.
  • Professional onsite Attendants.
  • Customised Logo/Branding/Title on The Photo.
  • Images Uploaded to Facebook and SnapThat™ Website.
  • Set-Up, Delivery, and Breakdown
  • The option of Colour or Black and White prints

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