Live Streaming Services in Durban: Live Stream your Funerals, Memorials, Weddings, Parties, or Corporate events with SnapThat on Facebook, Zoom, Teams or YouTube. Live Streaming made simple – broadcast your event around the world with SnapThat.

  • Per Hour
    • 2 Camera - 2 Angles
    • Data
    • On YouTube
  • Per Hour
    • 2 Camera - 2 Angles
    • Data
    • Interactive On Zoom or Microsoft Teams

SnapThat™ is a company that helps people connect to their favorite events. Whether it’s hosting the world’s biggest charity event, wedding, funerals or press conference about breaking news, SnapThat™ can bring audiences together in real-time with YouTube Live, Facebook and Zoom.

Do you want to reach your target audience, co-workers, friends and family fast during COVID 2021? The Show Must Go On. We have a solution that will help keep delivering professional content safely.

SnapThat™ offers live streaming for events such as weddings, funerals, corporate events, sport, fashion, music, and product launches directly to your audience’s social screens. We use platforms like Zoom, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live

Live Stream Packages – from R2650.00 per hour

  • 2 camera (multi-camera solutions with audio options optional)
  • We can live stream to your Facebook, YouTube channel, Microsoft Teams or Zoom
  • Embedded on your website
  • Unlimited viewers
  • Our HD video can be viewed on all devices – Mobile or desktop, etc.
  • Robust security

Don’t Cancel Your Events / Wedding or Meetings Due to Covid-19. Our goal is to de-mystify all aspects of the live stream, which means you can relax and enjoy your event. Get involved with your guest; public streaming allows your audience to engage, share and comment on your live stream, ideal for public meetings, webinars, and live shows/events.

Live Streaming Events

Please watch in HD

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    Live Streaming Services in Durban By SnapThat™

    Live streaming services have been around for a while, but only recently have they become both affordable and accessible to average consumers. Live streaming is a great tool to use not just for weddings, but also for funerals and other events where you would like the event documented without having someone physically there. The quality of live streams depends on factors such as the speed of the Wi-Fi network (the faster and more stable the better) and the quality of the video camera device. Live streaming has almost become synonymous with wedding videography, as one of the perks you get for booking a professional videographer is that they can live stream any event they shoot locally or worldwide.

    Advantages to live streaming your event

    1. Live streaming your event allows for people who are not able to attend the event itself to watch it live. Live streaming is also great for archiving purposes so that even after you have passed, you can still share the memories with family and friends via Facebook or YouTube.
    2. Live streaming can be used as marketing material, either by broadcasting or uploading it onto your website or YouTube or Facebook page.
    3. Live streaming is a great way to showcase your product/service/wedding in real-time. This saves money and gives potential customers immediate access to what you are offering them with no delay.
    4. Live Streaming great way to broadcast your event to the world, giving you exposure and another way for people who have an interest in your line of work to stay updated. Live streaming also increases exposure by allowing your video content to be shared all over social media.
    5. Live streaming is advantageous because it allows us as humans to engage with one another even when we are miles apart. Live streaming enables us to engage with our friends no matter where they are living or what country they are from. Live stream services afford us this opportunity so that we can feel connected even though there are geographical challenges that separate us.
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