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Are you are looking for the best party photography for your upcoming party? Look no further, because we are here to Snap every moment.

We are photography company based in Durban, we specialise in elegant and exclusive photography for different functions including parties.

Our team of creatives are very passionate about photography and telling stories through the lens, we offer the complete package with an engagement shoot, or as some call it, a pre-wedding shoot.  We get the question a lot, is it worth doing an engagement shoot?

We pride ourselves in capturing emotions, feelings and natural moments that bring out the true personalities to make elegant timeless memories.

At Snap That™ we believe photographs are visual artworks. We take ordinary moments and elevate it to extraordinary and remarkable photography. Photographs evoke the essence of a moment in time we have experienced, perhaps never to be experienced again, but should never be forgotten. Through our party photography we ensure your party is the talk of the town, even to people who did not attend, with moments to be relived to those who were there.

We are storytellers at heart of course each event we attend and each picture he takes tells a unique and different story. Every picture we take tells a story. We have the passion, enthusiasm and yes, a constant drive to capture your timeless and magical moments, imprinting your memories through our photography. Book us today to take advantage of our affordable photography that will change your life and give your party the exposure it deserves.

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